Bar-tailed Godwits are arriving from Western Africa in The Netherlands!

Bob Loos of Global Flyway Network reports:

Today (17 April 2017, 7:00 and 8:45) from the seabird migration observation point at Westerslag on the island Texel (Netherlands) we observed  425 Bar-tailed Godwits migrating northward. The groups of 40-60 birds each flew against an adverse northern wind (4B).


Remarkably, on the previous day (same time, same spot) not a single migrating Bar-tailed Godwit has been seen! The wind was quite the same: NW (4B).

In the Mokbaai at the southeast point of the island Texel at high tide at least 96 resting Bar-tailed Godwits were observed today, whereas on the 15th only three birds were present.

Along Egmond aan Zee, another  seabird migration observation point,  in period of three hours no less than 2428 Bar-tailed Godwits got through in northern direction. All birds are presumed to be the subspecies taymyrensis, who  winter in Africa mainly Mauritania, and use the Wadden Sea as staging site.  They will stay here close to one month, to recuperate before they migrate to their breeding grounds in Siberia.

The West African-Siberian Connection, in which the Wadden Sea plays a vital part as necessary stepping-stone between wintering- and breeding grounds, a distance of approx. 8,000 kilometres!

And now we are waiting for the first sat-tagged bird returning to the Wadden Sea!!

Will be continued…..


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