Bohai 2017 Update 3 – 12 May 2017

The GFN team is in Bohai Bay, China, to study Red Knots and Great Knots on northward migration. Chris Hassell, Ady Boyle and Bob Loos post regular updates on the Australian Global Flyway Network website. Here is the third of this season. The team reports:

“Well a lot has happened since the last update it has been a busy 10 days!

We have a new addition to this year’s team, Bob Loos from GFN-Netherlands has joined us again as he did in 2015 and 16. GFN’s scientific leader and general head Honcho, Theunis Piersma, also dropped in for his annual visit.

The New Zealand Ambassador to China and Chinese dignitaries visited the Luannan Coast.

We have been pondering why the Red Knot subspecies proportions have changed this year.

And exploring new areas and seeing lots of bands and flags along the way, of course.”

The full report can be found at the website Global Flyway Network Australia.

Fullscreen capture 2017-05-15 64056 PM.bmp

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