“Guests of Summer” book of the month!

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 23-5-2017 154357.bmp
Clipping from the British Birds e-newsletter, issue 25, 19 May 2017

Guests of Summer is British Birds’ book of the month! Theunis Piersma wrote this book about House Martins in 2014 in Frisian, and last year he translated and updated for a wider, especially British, audience.

If you are interested it is available through the publisher BTO.  Reviews by Mark Avery and Angela Turner can be found here.

Mark Avery wrote: “This is a delightful book – there ought to be more like it. It reminded me more of David Lack’s Life of the Robin than of his Swifts in a Tower, despite the obvious similarities between House Martins and Swifts, because the book is so peppered with observations of the bird that were made by chance as the author went about his daily work. And this, too, is a book written by a leading ornithologist and ecologist whose observations of the birds around him are informed by a love of birds but also an understanding of what makes them tick.”

Angela Turner wrote: “In this enjoyable book, Theunis Piersma takes time off from his well-known shorebird studies to enthuse about his other passion, the House Martin Delichon urbicum, which nests on his house in a small Frisian village.”


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