Bohai 2018 Update 5/6

Again this 2018 migration season the GFN team worked in Bohai Bay, China, to study Red Knots and Great Knots on northward migration. Chris Hassell, Adrian Boyle and Matt Slaymaker post regular updates on the Australian Global Flyway Network website. Here is the overview of all posts of this season.

By 30 May, the team had recorded 3,776 colour-banded or flagged birds, the majority of which are from NW Australia. They have precisely 1,000 Broome/80-mile Beach colour-band observations, of 321 individual combinations dominated by 273 Red Knots. The total of 876 individually identifiable birds includes birds banded in Australia (Victoria, Queensland, South Australia), Russia (Chukotka & Kamchatka), New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong, among others.

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 3-7-2018 144045.bmp

The team also reports on the state of land reclamation projects (with a port development threatening to take 54 km2 of mudflats). Another issue is cordgrass Spartina encroaching the mudflats, They say: “it has expanded rapidly along the Nanpu mudflats and is now present at all our survey sites. The good news, however, is that this year the problem has been acknowledged by the local government, and a team of workers has been busy clearing out the dead grass to allow better access to living stems”.

By the time they published the final report on 6 June, they had accumulated 4,122 flag and colour-band observations, the highest total since 2015. This includes birds from 21 banding regions and they have seen flags or bands on 14 species. Their total of 1,097 NW Australia colour-band observations is the second highest total in 9 years of visits to the site!

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 3-7-2018 144135.bmp



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