“Searching skriezen and more”…

Report of Black-tailed Godwits expedition in Senegal by Jan Kramer and Rennie Kramer-van den Akker. In Dutch

Jan Kramer and Rennie Kramer-van den Akker traveled through Senegal from 27 November to 7 December 2018 to search for Black-tailed Godwits that are colour-marked (near their home) in The Netherlands by teams of the University of Groningen. Jan and Rennie are part of a large community of volunteer observers who contribute to the data collection of the godwit demographic project.

This blog highlight their expedition report, which is written in Dutch. The full report in Dutch can be downloaded here: “Skriezen (Grutto’s) zoeken en meer.…” door Jan Kramer en Rennie Kramer-van den Akker.


Jan and Rennie traveled with their guide Idrissa Ndiaye and driver Saliou Diop. From Dakar they first went to the Senegal Delta near Palmarin where they spend two days to find godwits. Other promising areas for godwits included in the trip were situated between Joal Fadiouth and Palmarin, such as Fatick, Diofor, Mammangueth, Samba Dia and a wetland near Mbissel. Next they visited National Park Djoudj,  the Station Biologique near the Tocc Tocc Reserve, Lac de Guiers and surrounding rice fields. After that they went to the Guembeul Reserve and the wetlands between highway N2 and  the Senegal river. Finally, returning to Dakar they made a stopover at small urban nature reserve Technopole. How long will this nature reserve survive the ever-growing city ?

The first day they already saw 25 colour-marked godwits, 20 birds from the RUG project and five from other projects. During the trip they checked 100s of godwits for rings and collected detailed data for a grand total of 60 individually colour-marked Black-tailed Godwits. The life histories of 44 RUG colour-marked godwits were collected.

Some impressions of the hotspots and the field work of Jan and Rennie, and their guide Idrissa (all photos by Jan en Rennie Kramer). In the report you can find more information about the observations and the locations they visited.


January 2019, Leeuwarden, Fryslân.


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